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Look And Feel Gorgeous!

Who says you need to undergo surgery to look stunning? InSpirit Aesthetics by Mary Canel, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner offers a wide range of gentle procedures to highlight your natural beauty.

Say goodbye to crow’s feet, frown lines with BOTOX® Cosmetic. Women often voice concern that their colleagues and loved ones always think they are angry because of deepening lines around the eyebrows and forehead. This minor aesthetic treatment that lasts up to 4 months can make a huge difference in your daily interactions with your world!

Before thinking about any cosmetic procedure, however, it’s imperative that you gain a deeper understanding than simply reading a few quotes from your favorite celebrities.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

How Botox® Works

Botox® is short for Botulinum toxin A, which is a neurotoxic protein. It can be used for a host of cosmetic uses, as well as some health issues, and is commonly administered to the patient via injections.

The Botox® protein creates a barrier between the brain and the muscle, which means the muscle will stay still even when the brain wants it to move (as a natural movement or due to muscle spasms). The injections will only impact the area where they are administered while the impacts last for a few months before needing to be repeated.

Why Choose Botox® Over Other Treatments?

While the thought of getting injections may not appeal to everyone, Botox can work wonders compared to other treatments. Some of the reasons for taking this route include;

  • It’s less invasive than surgical procedures.
  • It’s more affordable than most.
  • The benefits are instant without compromising natural charms like other treatments.
  • The use of injections allows the treatment to be tailored to specific needs.
  • Results are lasting, but not permanent.
  • This form of treatment is more affordable than others.

Those incentives, combined with the general popularity of what is easily the country’s most popular treatment, show that this is a fantastic option. But when should Botox® be used?

Uses For Botox®

Botox® can be used to treat a host of issues, covering health conditions as well as cosmetic reasons. Here are six of the most popular options.

Drooping brow: The drooping brow effect can leave individuals looking tired and unhappy at all times. Botox® injections relax the muscles, encouraging them to stay high to create a friendly appearance.

Youthful skin: Botox® is regularly used as the go-to treatment for maintaining a youthful appearance. The injections can help fight wrinkles and various signs of aging.

Stop twitching: Whether it’s eye-twitching or other facial muscle spasms, the injections stop the muscles from moving as freely. This can lessen embarrassment and make daily life more comfortable.

Bell’s palsy: Bell’s palsy patients can receive injections on the dominant side of the face to create a more even and natural look. Injections to the affected side can reduce tics and pain.

Stop sweating: Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) is an embarrassing condition for those who experience it. Botox® injections act impact the link from the brain to muscle, greatly reducing underarm sweating.

Treat migraines: While Botox® injections won’t cure migraines, they reduce many of the symptoms. This can make it a lot easier for regular sufferers to deal with those issues.

Beyond its aesthetic benefits, research shows BOTOX® may be beneficial for individuals who are fighting depression. Read this article for further information

If Botox seems like the perfect treatment for your cosmetic or health needs, call us to discuss the options further or arrange a consultation on 910-617-1515. We look forward to seeing you!

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over seven million Botox® treatments take place in the US each year. If you’re ready to join the revolution, InSpirit Wave is the perfect place to make it happen. We offer the highest-quality procedures at surprisingly affordable prices, leaving all clients with another reason to smile.


Revanesse® Versa is hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is found within the body. It may be produced by bacteria and purified for use as injectable soft tissue filler in order to correct the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases, (nasolabial folds). The product is approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration for the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and creases.

Revanesse® Versa is based on a formula that has been sold worldwide since 2011 and just recently received FDA approval in the US. The original formula has sold over 1 million syringes with zero reported instances of nodules or granulomas. Our North American factory uses a proprietary, small-batch manufacturing process, that results in a spherical and uniform particle which provides optimal smoothness and volume. The particle is easily accepted by the body and was shown to produce less swelling in a recent clinical study. Revanesse® Versa is formulated to be balanced with the water content of natural skin. This means the treatment doesn’t release or absorb surrounding water and minimizes concern of over or under treatment.

JUVÉDERM® Products

Reverse the downward turn of marionette lines around the mouth, and soften creases around the mouth and nose with JUVÉDERM® hyaluronic acid dermal products. InSpirit Aesthetics by Mary Canel, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner helps to restore youthful facial contours and lip fullness. Juvederm®  features a broad assortment of products specialized for face, cheeks, lips, and creases around the mouth and nose. Depending on the treatment selected, women report a general duration up to one year, however some notice a reversal of age-related volume loss for up to 2 years.

Before and Afters

before & after lip filler        before and after lip injections

before and after lip fillers

V Soft Lift PDO Threads

PDO Threads are a bio-stimulant and solid filler used to rejuvenate and boost skin. PDO refers to polydioxanone, an absorbable material used in medical sutures. PDO Threads are inserted just beneath the surface of the skin with a cannula, the same flexible tool used to inject dermal fillers. Once inserted, PDO Threads “kick-start” collagen production in the treated areas of skin, which leads to increased volume and firmness over time.

Mary Canel, ANP is one of the few providers in the region trained to skillfully and safely rejuvenate, lift, and tighten skin in areas that may be difficult to treat with dermal fillers. PDO Threads give a natural and lifted look to the area around the eyebrows and under the eyes, neck and chin, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. They also provide a smoothing effect to acne-scarred skin.